The Creek And the Carving

Marked On A Brick
I bet her name is on the wall
marked on a brick down the old school hall
she never was much to me after all
dressed in pretentious future years
and stuffed like a living-room grizzly bear
a dream comes with a yellow cream-bottle
I wanna hold you queen supreme
the monkey woun’t have to see
and in the morning you will be back in the sky
with the others
I will be on my feet
I’m falling into it again
I should get over this but you don’t know when
you might need the smile of a temporary friend
I wanna hold you queen supreme..
Even if we changed our ways and got much older
the hands of time can’t wipe away the trail
Maybe, whenever class is through,
you could sit down on this bench for two
furthermore, I’m not really sure if I want you to
The Mutual Strain
He’s a child with aspirations to something wild
but he could never lose than line twitching next to his nose
ready to expose
Walking ’round with the tombstone-heads
the most alive look like the living dead
they know the definition that goes with a soon forgotten place
the stories in a face can relate to it
Pervading every day, the mutual strain
until every fibre is in need to be, be
With the girl he would be so sincere
the casual play of word disappeared
and she would end up so reserved
couched up in a curve
Briefing out with the tombstone-heads
building up in the fellow shed
thingking time will resolve the crime, bring a change of pace
though the stories in a face can tell of it
Pervading every day…
Same game, a Friday sight
He looked to aloof that night
No sneer at the mass
As important as the chestnut drink dancing in his glass
Pervading every day…
Now you don’t get off so freely
don’t get of so free
Blind Boogie
If you’re eloquent enough today
maybe I will forget what I give away
and machine-life can proceed to chew bits of me and you
And the flying dust can fill my lungs
what is worse is I become someone
a wheel and axle turning quiet and precise
behind a glass wall
some patrolling eyes watch and waste my spirit
my spirit away
when you waste my spirit you waste your own
In the interest of the one we serve
better not to mention the pointless work
but come together with obliging smiles, share this lie
and keep this boogie blind
you really waste my spirit
my spirit away
when you waste my spirit you waste your own
where the concrete starts life departs
you’re keeping the threads apart
So beware the composure
because the silent and restrained
is gonna crack one sunny day
if you keep wasting my spirit
my spirit away
you waste my spirit and waste your own
It’s gonna eat your soul until you’re all bones
Peculiar Logics
He’s a waste of potential
then she happened to see him
give a buddy a forced line over some funky wine
seemingly out of reach
delivering a monster of a speech
She wanted to take him aside
find a note to passify an anxious spirit
as the night moved on the air was full
of steamy expectation
When you don’t think about grace you have some
don’t measure every move
sit back, take your time to unscrew
peculiar logics similar to when you don’t think about love
it come to you
She knew the loud-mouth meant no harm
he’s waiting for the laughter to disarm
When you don’t think about grace…
New John Forming
Down that curve where you force the pace
lurks a spectator’s prying gaze
new john forming in the morning sun
Neatly tucked in a velvet fold
shiny utensils, hair-control
new john forming in the morning sun
His good luck charm subtle as a wrinkle under a straightened arm
Founding efforts to mark the day
immune from a social tooth decay
new john forming in the morning sun
He could be anyone you know
He’s got the ticket, for all you know
bring the spectator, bring the show
new john forming in the morning sun
He could be anyone you know
Mistletoe And the Best Mistake
Skinbits of memories invited by a scent
the mystical appeal of hours that I spent
inches away from your soft face
tender melancholy friend, we are the last light remaining
in a fading star
The days of reckless teasing come and go away
and leave behind the notion I was born yesterday
I got no shield for these rejections, that’s what I meant to say
Outside the clutches of lust we’re not good enough
I miss you anyhow, you know,
When you lecture me you raise a cunning brow
I cannot keep from laughing, I don’t know how to
You take offense when I take pleasure
and the other way around
Outside the clutches of lust…
Mistletoe, what you collected in yourself
determine the time that I will stay in you
before I pale away in you
The subtle changes of expression in your face
strokes I longed to know,
I wanted to embrace you
without the bitter aftertaste I like to think of the best mistake
there could ever be
I’m Certain (intermission)
I got my mind made up about you
my love’s one thing I’m certain of
An orgy of sameness
too benign to flee
Creating your own mess
self-deception’s not for free
We met seventeen times
still your words don’t count for more than a stranger’s off the street
Under a search-light
people reach out their hands
Victims of strange plight
unidentified demands
Would you mind being a little more precise
so I know when I can laugh
I’m gonna wipe out every trace
and lie to your face to save my own
You said your heart’s in the right place
I’m gonna lie to your face to save my own
Reproaching yourself on a long trip home
for something you lost in that room
The Strangest Star
A hard-headed climb
aspirations within the confines of an ordinary life
Sneak from the outside and stir up within
You are the strangest
the way you are shining from nowhere
you are the strangest star
Safe and sound, on solid ground
carries me off as..
.. Life comes in seasons
time waits for no one and you,
you don’t wait for time
Death haunts the minute
you laugh in his face
with your cool and casual ways
So come take me home
you alone know where I roam
and you are the strangest…
For a while I feel the high
and I see the pace
when I look away I am no longer sure
if it wasn’t for the call, that I would be here at all
Nothing Less Than OK
We waited a long time today
for the rain to dry up beneath us
it’s like a long succession of notes
pealed off the song around us
A touch of gray where the sun not really was before
I didn’t stay long enough
so your tricks never got to chew me
and when I left I looked at the clouds
and was glad that they knew me
The lingering pain and the sense in going away
Nothing less than OK
The song of life is tender fooling everyone
In the morning you wish
that you lacked imagination to suffer
in the evening you doubt that you suffer at all
It’s all the same at the brick end of the day
Nothing less than OK
And like today, the sun went down in tranquil ease
it was nothing less than OK
In a place where colored stories meet
the air is cold and hungry
flickering eyes without intention greet
In a silent, electric mass
brushing elbows, sneaking past
rushing in, pouring out to somewhere
He stood nailed to a wall
his fingers were trembling slightly
one suspicious corner of the world
In a silent, electric mass
a face of stone and a heart of glass
trying hard to believe in something
it’s a vicious call, standing in the midst of it all
In a silent electric mass
a face of stone and a heart of glass
trying hard to believe in something
All his new friends they could tell
when the stone was acting well
in his latent disbelief in all he saw
going up the hill and down the hall
Yesterday’s Corpse
What will be no more
lay discarded on a white floor
a manifesting corpse
quite beyond expiration
That was before
now you’re standing more than tipsy here
outside her door lost for an explanation
Just a matter of time before she’s going to make you leave
thinking it will be fine, she told you once it’s going to be
Love’s initial cry
oh how it’s coming back now!
when you’re just the guy watching her handling the crowd
Getting drunk and mad
thinking of her final rebuff
“it’s not that I’m sad, I’m just not happy enough”
Just a matter of time…
Desperation grows
while watching her sober society
and the hostess knows
her sober glances can see
Then things go dark
then comes the recognition too
you are set apart
they’re having a ball without you
BF Company
A menacing path bringing back what you knew long ago
and you can’t help relating the aftermath of rain and snow
cos it never melts entirely, it leaves smithereens
tiny fiends
It’s comically continuous, what you do to stay alive
how you work yourself up in a frenzy to deepen the dive
while your friends on the ground keep laughing
you’re simmering above, trembling dove
While you keep pace for the obvious end
she can see that you are to remain the better friend company
She looks at the clown of the night trying to find something more
in words as profound as tooth paste from the company bore
See her face it’s so full of concern not concerned with you
what can you do
While you keep pace…
And you wish for your life she could miss you a bit
not just when all goes to shit
how can you wish for lesser things to seem wrong
and the lonely eyes of yesterday to be gone