Cross-Word Tears

Blue Bottle Beats Part 1

I sold the old boat
I stood trembling in the harbor buttoning my coat
now when we’re three on one
we can save up and get more things done

A new life begun long ago
when you and I became companions
the bonds you make away from land
may be hard for some to understand

At night I watch the fire, like a light house’s shade
eternally burn like today

Oh, my precious horizon street
oh, my horizon street
oh, my precious, shimmering street
dancing at my feet

It’s like hand in glove
the Black hat will be sufficient when push comes to shove
as share as the dull country clay
she will fight off a cold winter’s day

And I must admit
this serene phase of summer is my favorite
as soon as the wood hits the dock
I will look up my place on the rocks

At night I watch the fire..

Oh, my precious horizon street
oh, my horizon street
seaweed bob, the blue bottle beat
dancing at my feet

Saffron Cilla

Did you get over me
with a bowl of tuna
I didn’t get over you

Here is another day
when I wish you all good fortune
with tears on a winter’s train

Make a wish, Saffron Cilla
you where down for all that time
then, for a good rhyme
we brought you the news to steal your blues
now I’m the one who’s going to cry

And I’m still listening for your paws
to come around the bend
now that a house of plenty
is starting to lose your smells

We could’ve done better too
if we knew your story
it wasn’t for you to tell

Make a wish..

I’d like some answers though
I sure would like to know
did they send you off to where good people grow
send you back there where love can flow

Jack the Wanderer

In the heart of the city
sits a tired recluse
in a car, while your are watching the evening news
he’s got the blues
this man of many faces

In the street
weary men move like a dying snake
one is oddly servile, hovering over the breaks
but they’re all the same to the man of many faces

Where do you belong, Jack Wanderer?
where do you belong?
Where do you belong, Jack, I’m not talking about your home

Where do you belong, Jack Wanderer,
what did go wrong?
Look up your track, it’s the dim way back to yourself

Sneaking across a busy earth of prowling automobiles
turning rims reflect the fading light
the hero wheels into the night

Here comes the night

And here’s the first of the worst
touching the shiny paint
free of all concern, a dirt ball from the rain
he’s gonna smear and stain
mind your dangling shoe laces

Then a flash confession
almost about to reveal
what the rearview-eyes cannot quite conceal
anger is much too real in a man of many faces

Where do you belong, Jack Wanderer? ..

Lonely steps echo even in a quiet place

Town #2

I agree you represent magnificent memories to me
the things you do
are a thousand subtleties making the human being that is you

I love your limp feet in a V tickled by some poignant dream
the slender lean look curious from out the sheets
a mesmerizing tease

When time goes down in second town
time goes up somewhere else
new times wash over where the older ones left open shells

You hold the fork with a bent hand, listening to me
your tired glance, my heavy load
solid as we are we will outlive beginners’ episode

Now, here’s a picture where you have inquisitive wonder in your laughter
why is it you always look so comfy in a photograph?

When time goes down in second town..

And due to what may come to be I think about you patiently

Blue Bottle Beats Part 2

You know what winter’s like to business
things hardly move around here, enough said!
You got five kids of your own, my friend,
I won’t speak about the daily bread

So he marched down to the cabin and set off full speed ahead

Full speed ahead, speed ahead, speed ahead

Time Traveling

It wasn’t long but I don’t want you back
things move along around here
I can’t see forward I’ve lost the track
and steer in a fog I know well
I’m looking out for someone

In my head I have it all planned out
in my collection of schemes
a zest fot life
it’s compelling, though it just amounts to dreams
I’m looking out for someone

I don’t indulge in time traveling
I don’t look back for the pearls
it’s been said and done
the songs I wrote lay in my chest of drawers by now anyway

When the dreams lose their magic spells
you will see me again
I’ll pretend until you take my word
that I only need the friend in you
couldn’t you use one too?

Never Mind

Long is the wait for a genius in the crowd
where silent never was the new loud
and the jive of the earth
the daily grain
all seem so hopelessly plain

You get that look in your eyes
then you breath like silent tears

The mute don’t belong here

And you’ve seen the faces
you have seen them before

They are mockingly strong
as they’re hiding what they plead
they’re all you ever need them to be

And the silence below
a hollow scare
say, have you never been there?

You get that look in your eyes..

The song you are so prone to go on about
is wearing the record out

All there is

First intimacy after eternity
a bathroom light with a mirror
don’t want to wash her scent away
as the morning turns to day, she will stay

Abandoned railroad tracks
the night crowd at our backs
we snuggled up on a shy note
it started off something in me
the less I knew the more I could believe you’d be with me

Rest your warmth on me
wether skin or cloth
this is all there is

Rest your warmth on me
life is going to rot
this is all there is on a turning chain

It’s the only fire worth to be hurt by again

I got your long hairs on my sleeve when I’m awake
I got your image when I’m not
and I’m all images away

Rest your warmth on me..

Soon enough I fell so far into your being
that I had lost track of my own
and sure you recognized the change
had some things left to arrange for yourself

Something peculiar as we sat down by the shore
little did I know, for the last time
your words I couldn’t quite believe
picturing the long necessity to be, to be

Rest your warmth on me..

First intimacy after eternity
a bathroom light with a mirror

Cross-Word Tears

Slow-mo rain caught your name
next to a bo of wasted glass
faded picture frames, like a myth that could not last

A tired wit that doesn’t fit into a box
or on a spoon
well I’m over it, said the dreamer to the moon

There’s snow painted on the walls
clever one, tell me what you’re thinking of

The lines that you try
expired a long time ago
you don’t see you do not need them

A moment of loss
now there’s no direction you know
when all you can claim is that you’re believing

And you don’t know why
they’re always so anxious to go
their kindness comes out deceiving

A moment of loss
now there’s no direction you know
when all you can claim is that you’re believing

I saw the spotlight of your charms
it was short and wonderful
and as the aging grow no arms
then how to grow a heartbeat?

Cross-word tears
are the years you don’t know what to make of
they take you out of here with a boot left in the mud