Strange Light Music 2014

Strange Light Music (2014)

Occupying a most tangible presence in my everyday ideas, light and light conditions is to me a pleasant connector to virtually any number of phenomena. It is meant to fill a meaning in relation to the music, to be the vague title on an otherwise unwritten page. Strange Light Music was made deliberately slow to test the patience and curiosity of the listener. It is an EP in songs, an album in playing time. After many years of demo-making, it is my first record of progressive pop. Released on March 7, 2014 on my own label bearing the same name. Cover art: “Gryning III” by Emma Lindström

Bright Light Sessions 2014

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Helena Ljungman – bass
Sebastian Ring – drums and percussion, vibraphone and pianopart on Morning..
Simon Stålenhag – piano on Diamond Among the Rocks
Elsa Larsson – voice on Merika, and Diamond Among the Rocks
Sara Tidholm – voice on Morning… and Despise the Loner
Simon Ring – piano on Another Moon
Josefin Peters – alt saxophone on Another Moon
Åsa Jonmarker – voice on Diamond Among the Rocks, Merika and Candy-Colored Moss
Malin Ahlberg – Hammond on Morning… and The Optimist
Kristofer Axén – voices, guitars, toy-flute, some smale-scale percussioning, piano and keyboards. 
Ivo Boytchev contributed with some assistant arranging on Candy-Colored Moss. Simon Ring did the mastering.
Produced and mixed by Kristofer Axén. Co-mixed and co-produced by Sebastian Ring.

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