Strange Light Music

By July my friends were gone
I had none to rely upon
I had to gently put them all away
For a while I borrow time in my own,
solitary mind
it’s easier to live that way, uhuh
But the light shone through the alley
and it seemed to shine my way
like a different color of another day
There’s a different color of another day
I feel odd when you’re in town
still alone when you’re not around
and when the night is gone I live again
As the first rays touch my spine
I feel old but I still got mine
I see the colors now, uhuh, uhuh
If there’s one thing I remember
when my dreams begin to grey
there’s a different color of another day
Such a different color of another day
And he had to plead the promise
then he sighed and passed away
There’s a different color of another day
such a different color of another day
Despise the Loner
A dreamless night
gone to take a look at your home
a brand new home
you seem so uptight
when I call you up on your phone, a new home phone
You speed like a train
gaining all the influence a name requires
it seems not in vain
you will make a profit before you retire
I’d like to understand you more
I know how to justify your tone, sir
modern eyes despise the loner
I like how we bond
all the little quarrels we crossed inspire
still I can’t respond
to all of your connections and what you admire
I’d like to understand you more
I know how to justify your tone, sir
modern eyes despise the loner
I like the aerial spaces
in your new living-machine
the shady gray wall-paper
though I suggested the lime-green
You look so questioning
if you wanna know what’s wrong;
I wanna go home
Candy-Colored Moss
Behind a car in the street
a place in memory
a short line of modest trees
comically seemed so real in the company of
candy-colored moss
candy-colored moss
we saw candy-colored moss on a luminous wall in front of us
glowing pink, neon blue
a world of paper and glue
some hundred year’s dissolve in two
Diamond Among the Rocks
She hangs like a plastic medalion
claiming his eyes at the bar
lady you are a victim of intensions
I guess you’ve got your own
Watching him pulling the trigger
shooting his lines at the bums
it’s a class act dividing of the crumbs
he’s a number to watch
Here she comes, here she comes
The midnight city-dream
reveals you goldilocks
somewhere in the city-steam
there’s a diamond among the rocks
Time for the midnight confession
everyone’s gotta take part
you left your piece in the Royal Park
now you call for your friends in the dark
if we could leave out the acting
and skip like the young-bloods we are
still she keeps simulating movie stars
she’s a number to watch
here she comes, here she comes…
A dim light killer scream
is hurled around the clock
all I ever wanna hear
is a diamong among the rocks
Another Moon
First of all where do you find
the unsuspecting lonely kind?
Still you move along for something new
We hung upon a desk full of circles
changing colors all the time
out on the hunt for something new
On the low
I view the clouds in the afternoon
maybe so do you
under another moon
I saw you in a slow fascination,
drinking soda while you smiled
watching slippery moves to foreign tunes
well, we got up and joined the circus
stood a moment hand in hand
that’s the last thing I recall of you
On the low
I view the clouds in the afternoon
maybe so do you
under another moon
Whether soda or wine, it’s a tedious time
when every night hold’s a strange good-bye
I write a line a day and
see you before me
sitting quiet behind a door
You fear the skies and the rage
now you don’t know
how you gonna face the thunderstorm
The love you radiate is obvious to me
too few can offer what you do
You say you are in love but
if you’re lonely
don’t let the feeling get a hold on you
The Optimist
Once the picture was so clear
when all attention was a waste of time
from open mouths, all I could hear
was a group of words that didn’t rhyme
Then I changed my point of view
I came to realise what one sometimes said
didn’t have very much to do
with what was in one’s heart and in one’s head
I was lost in the crack between the young one and the old
and I found there was no escaping truth when it’s been told
I turned my head from what appeared to be lies
I had opened up my eyes for treasures I didn’t know
don’t turn your heads for all can see when we try
thought’s are bright and riddled while sitting next to you
behind a mask you hide the truth
So I found my humble price
for answers I would seek and sometimes find
how could I claim to be so wise
without the visions of the younger mind

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