‘an interesting, thoughtful and well written album which has a lovely attention to detail, and continues to grow on me the more I give it chance


proves that you can be original sounding using a fairly conventional set up of instruments


(a) soft intricate charm’

Andy – Nordic Music Review (8/10)

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‘Now, listening to Marked On a Brick, let the beautiful and melodious voice, accompanied by exquisite and engaging vocal and instrumental arrangements, take you through captivating, ingeniously elaborate boreal soundscapes, where magic twists await you (Beatlesque and progressive); All of it sprinkled with suggestive and introspective lyrics (…) Balsamic and uplifting effect guaranteed’

Rock Gardener – Rooted Music 

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‘a really unique sound’


‘I was really drawn into the smoothness of his voice and the fact that all of his songs have different flavors to them that give them separate identities, but are still cohesive enough that they flow well together’

Rhonette – Stuff Rhonette Says

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The Creek And the Carving was included, among several thousands of albums, in the top 200 albums of the year on NBT Music Radio.