Words in limbo – Thank you, dear contributors!

My solo album of this year is presently, and since some time, in the oven. If one is always concerned with the intricacies of appropriate spicing, the finish seems a matter of hope or sticky aftertaste in musical bakery. The buns are no longer solely on my table, but are sent back and forth between yours truly and mixmaster flex Poul Amaliel, sharpening his tools with great precaution.

Mumbo jumbo. The Creek and The Carving will (most) probably be released in November with two singles preceding the thirteen unit-cake. For the moment I want to send out my greatest gratitude addressed to a number of people, namely a small group of hope-giving enthusiasts formally called crowdfunders and, surely not secondly, the brilliant musical contributors! In particular disorder:

Thank you friendly funders!

Richard G. Lindström 

Laeila Dard-Dascot

Nina Ingemarsdotter 

Christoffer Engström

Oskar Carlsrud Felander 

Isabella Strömberg 

Ellinor Axén

Björn Stenborg 

Matthieu Oubre 

Ivo Boytchev 

Raphaëlle Jamet

Marie Holmlund 

Monica Johansson 

David Melin 


Thank you musical Guests!


Poul Amaliel – Drums, Percussion and Shakers

Ninotchka – Harmonica, Voice and Whistle

Sebastian Ring – Clavinet and Congas

Malin Ahlberg – Leslie Hammond Organ

Josefin Peters – Electric Wind Instrument

Lisa Eriksson – Accordion

Isabelle Andö – Violin and Viola

   Thank you! Next time you’ll hear from me, you’ll be served some musical appetizers!





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