Hullo, hullo from the bus stop

Bad news first, thus leaving space for the possible psychological impact of ending on a happy note. Mixer and notorious working-horse Poul, have sadly experienced some personal difficulties during the past months, prompting him to take a break from his projects to get back on his feet. In the case of my record, this means a delay of the release, probably to sometime during the beginning of the year to come. At best the two singles will be released before 2016, but that can’t be, as things are, a promise.

As for the Good note; my dear friend Richard is presently fiddling with covers (singles and album) and booklet, making drafts that, believe you me, look brilliant already at this early stage. The Creek And the Carving will be dressed in a fine costume for you all, or three. Differing from the lack of follow-up to the release of my first album, the present one will be accompanied by live-performances, videos and activities of that sort.

Friends, I’ll keep you posted on the traffic, whether you want to or not. Cheers!


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