A pissy gig with a tender aftertaste


Tiresome truths like learning by doing sometimes need to get fleshed out by experience. Hence that familiar sensation after a shit gig! Some of you surely know the score from top to bottom. Band moral high, pep talking, sound checking over and ok, some people starts to drop in (for whom of the three acts, you ask yourself), and then, time for action. Stage sound blurred, sound engineer mysteriously playing Tetris on the sound board giving you quizzical looks at times. Every band member feeling maybe something like Ringo trying to hear what the other band-members are about, only it’s not the audience cheering to loud and no one manages to produce that signature smile whilst frowning inwards. Then you start to talk to the people who actually came to see you, share the shitty experience with the band etc, trying to restore something. In the end you leave with something that you do have, even if it’s not exactly a following or a definite way of communication. I do have a brilliant band presently carving out our stage act, every member making their specific mark. And brilliant friends that do show up. The dramaturgical slope turns into a valley.


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