The Creek And the Carving – Recordings start Tuesday 9th!

After months of thinking, planning, going-abouting, plingelinging etc, it is time for the actual doing, the sharp shooting of sounds into the machinery. Tuesday about week from now, I shall move my body, guitar and appropriate survival gear to the small-scale society of Tobo, North of Uppsala. For five consecutive days, Poul Amaliel and I will record drums and bass, the spine that is of the thirteen tracks of The Creek And the Carving in his own Stable Studios. Last I spoke with Poul he seemed positively eager to dig his teeth into the project. As this is The project of my year I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll pack the camera and dictaphone next to the ear-cleansing unit and hard rock spandex pants, so that you, dear reader, will here from me, probably sooner than later.

DSC_0900  DSC_0902DSC_0903

Since a few days, for those of you who missed it, there’s been a Kickstarter campaign for the support of this project. A small, small contribution from you would indeed make a difference on the whole, please do consider it!


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