The Creek And the Carving – Work In Progress!

Here’s a little note for you all, or the two of you, of activity, the activity of yours truly. My general lack of activity on the wwweb since New Year’s sometime directly corresponds to a general abundance of activity going on in my head/appartment, on my wall/piano/guitar and so forth. My second album The Creek And the Carving is on the scetching-wall (below), 13-14 songs to be recorded from June onwards, and the release set to late autumn of 2015. The title metaphor is open-ended, of the broadest kind meant to be filled with meaning. Yet, it’s been stolen from a place specific, taken out of context from the work of anthropologist Anna Tsing. That is, though I was trying to be an intellectual when I was reading Tsing, the title of the record isn’t meant to be some hard nut to crack. From this point on, I’ll keep the few of you better posted with news of the progress, demo songs, bad jokes etc. Hello again!

DSC_0881    DSC_0884DSC_0889  DSC_0893DSC_0887DSC_0891


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