Say hello to AXUM and LARM!

We are fortunate to share stage with two pop acts I take the liberty of calling progressive, acts that stretch the formula in very different manners.

AXUM is currently fine-tuning his new EP. Once taking the bold step of switching the vernacular to his native Swedish, AXUM delivers lyrics as clever and humoristic as they are heart-felt (a tricky blend to manage), accompanied by musical quirks and strong hooks.

With diverse musical backgrounds the members of LARM came together in 2013. Also using their mother tongue, LARM balances the dance-friendly with complex song-structures, bordering to jazz and funk. A live act to count on.

Larm – Larm! EP

The three of us bands warmly welcome you to PSB (Pet Sounds Bar), in the heart of Stockholm, on July 13! Prepare for a night of musical surprises and great company!