In short

Peculiar utan titel

I am a singer-songwriter of progressive pop music presently residing in Stockholm. My music is super melodic and structurally playful, crafted against a backdrop of dry-sounding instrumentation in an effort to project an immediacy of sound and intimacy of musical experience.

Growing up I was exposed to a variety of musical styles from excursions through my father’s record collection. As musically bewildered as encouraged I made my first demo at fifteen together with a friend. Honing guitar-skills, I was making small daily notes on hours of practice whilst my sister developed social skills next-door. At twenty-one I took a couple of singing lessons from a charismatic old lady in Gothenburg. Memories linger of a high-ceiling room with old-fashioned furniture, sweet flowery water and her life-partner the medium making occasional and somewhat bewildering appearances. I spent most of my twenties figuring out production, learning fundamental studio-skills and fingering on new intruments from time to time. Beside five years of playing songs in front of a teacher from the age of eleven, the greater part of my musical education was provided in a printer park listening to hundreds of albums surrounded by the pulsating sound of machines. Along came hip hop, maybe thriving a little extra in those surroundings. Stuck in a far from positive life-situation, having tried some years too many to make creative ends meet while working full-time at the printing company, I moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm in 2009 to study and make music. By 2011 I started playing gigs with a trio, testing songs in front of a live audience whilst carving out new songs in the tiny, odd-smelling cottage I inhabited in a slumbering village North of Stockholm. In 2014, whilst getting a degree in Social Anthropology, I released my first full-length album Strange Light Music on my own label bearing the same name. If you have managed to get this far in the text you are presently reading, I congratulate your brain for its perseverance. How about some music?