It’s a pub Wednesday in Stockholm

It’s ‘small Saturday’ (Wednesday) in Stockholm and Sweden (a culturally specific phenomenon?) and time for a week-day get-together. Do honor us with your presence and spend your small Saturday evening at Bara’s Backe in Södermalm, Stockholm! Doors are pretty much open all day but we enter the stage at 8 p.m.!



Buns and bravos

Thank you! Those of you who showed up at Kafé 44 last Tuesday, thanks for your support! We came out of our first full-band gig encouraged, much because of the happy shout-outs from you guys. And not to forget the buns on stage. Next stop will be Baras Backe on June 1, a ‘basement gig’ to which we’ll arrive in a smaller setting.

Kafé 44

Debut’s done, time for gig #2!

I want to welcome everyone who’s able to make it to Twang guitar dungeon/café/pub in Södermalm, Stockholm on Friday April 29! Rumour has it that Twang is one cozy cave, perfectly suited for the half-acoustic business we’re in for. We’ll perform after singer-songwriter Zai Baba, and we’ll be offering material from the newly released album The Creek And the Carving for the first time live! Welcome Very Much!

29/4         17.30        Twang on Katarina Bangata 25, Stockholm.



The End of a Chapter is Welcome

DSC_0555It’s taken over a year in full, not including writing the songs, to finish this album; from making fundamental arrangements on demo-recordings in early 2015 and decorating a wall with schedules of recording for each song, ideas and comments (see “Story” in the menu above). Even a budgeted project takes time, but naturally the now-budget-path is somewhat more irregular with occasional thorny bushes scratching your legs (oh, the suffering artist, oh!). In the end, no words are sufficient to describe, defend, make excuses for, praise or comment. I’ll leave it at welcome very much, here’s my album of the year! Crowdfunders are not forgotten, you kind spirits will receive the physical copy as soon as it is produced, very likely in the months to come! The Creek And the Carving is available on multiple electronic musical platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook (in part), Soundcloud (in part), Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Shazam and Tidal to name a bunch.

Thank you participants!


(all pics by Kristofer Axén and Nina Paakkonen Sjöberg except where indicated)
DSC_0590Kristofer Axén – Voice, Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Piano, Nord Electro, Additional shakers
CSC_1005Poul Amaliel – Drums, percussion and shakers
DSC_0597Ninotchka – Voice and harmonica
DSC_0582Josefin Peters – Electric Wind Instrument
DSC_0197Sebastian Ring – Vibraphone and congas
DSC_0563Isabelle Andö – Violins
Malin record-posingMalin Ahlberg – Hammond Organ 
IMG_0020Lisa Eriksson – Accordion    (photo: Sonny-Boy Gustafsson)
Additional Drunks (on ‘I’m Certain’) – Introducing the choir En Raksup, in drunken disorder:
Iryna Crawford
Wes-Lee Crawford
Ellinor Marcelo
Marvin Marcelo
Kyma Morera
Patrick Cody
Jeremy Marcelo
Anki Axén
Peter Axén


Recorded at Stable Studios, Eastman (Stockholm), in my studio appartment, and at Huseberg, Tjörn.

Written, recorded, produced and arranged by Kristofer Axén

Mix, recording and assistant production by Poul Amaliel

Assistant production and recording by Ninotchka

Mastered by Simeon Pappinen Hillert

Cover Design by Richard G. Lindström from Alikaii II by Emma Lindström and photograph by Nina Paakkonen Sjöberg



Gig April 29 and stuff going on

Friends! Things are certainly moving on at different levels. First rehearsal with drummer Markus last week and, soon, potentially kick-ass keys player Malin will (please, Malin) join. A band is taking shape, and I couldn’t feel more fortunate! The Creek and the Carving  is to be released on Wednesday, and the little event below will take place Friday April 29! Do come if you can! Do!

Album release April 20!

On Wednesday next week, The Creek And the Carving will finally see the light of day! On this first release, the album will be available on eleven different electronic music services including Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and Amazon Music to name a few. Parts of the album will be available on Soundcloud and my Facebook page. Get ready to tune in!

The Creek And the Carving 2016